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On Limitation of Liability:


All our products are 100% legal to have ownership, unless changes or changes are made to the product. NO PRODUCTS OR ORDERS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CANADA. WE DO NOT ACCEPT NORTH KOREA II ..... PERIOD !. All products are developed and sold with 100% FULL COMPLIANCE AND COOPERATION according to the rules of BATFE and NFA. We do not encourage, disapprove or notify of any changes and / or modifications to our products, even for legitimate purposes. Expect ALL our products to be used for their intended purpose (CLEANING EQUIPMENT ONLY) and HIGHLY DISPOSE OF ANY CHANGES TO ANY OF our products EVER! , NOT EVEN, PLEASE CONTACT MATTERS CONCERNING QUESTIONS ABOUT COMPUTERS, MIRRORS, CYLINDERS OR MULTIPLE RELATIONSHIP TO THE SUBSTANCE AS WE ARE FROM E-MAIL. THESE IS NOT WHAT OUR PRODUCTS HAVE BEEN INTENDED OR INTENDED FOR SUCH USE! Our pages and adapter products are for ONLY FOR CLEARING THE PROTECTION. Please comply with all local, state and federal laws at any time regarding ALL NFA and ATF regulations. Please consult all NFA rules and regulations (in particular section 2.1.7) or contact your local law enforcement agency or your local BATFE for further clarifications.


Confidentiality and delivery


all sales and all correspondence is strictly confidential and is not subject to disclosure to third parties, all our goods are airsoft and all responsibility for the further use is born by the buyer, the delivery is made to almost all countries, (specify by email) It is possible to sell some parts on ebay, ALL PRODUCTS FREE SHIPPING