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SILENCER-SALE unconditionally respects all intellectual property rights of its legitimate rightholders and appeals to all users of our website with the same request.

All images of goods (with the exception of their own photos) and other graphics used for the design and filling of this online store, was freely available on the Internet and did not carry signs of legal protection and copyright. In a number of cases, knowing the exact authorship of the image, we contacted the copyright holder on the contact details indicated on the website of the right holder, but without receiving a response, they interpreted this as permission to use the image.

Guided by the presumption of innocence, we will remove all materials that violate copyright on the first demand, while the legal rightholder must confirm the legality of his claims.

We are for free Internet, but also for respecting someone else's work, so the use (full or partial citation) of the materials published on our site, the copyrights to which belong to SILENCER-SALE.COM, is allowed without permits and any restrictions, but with the obligatory indication of a link to Source site.

On Limitation of Liability

We reserve the right to publish in the description of only a few products information about the dangers of their use. We ask all our customers to use all goods purchased in our online store strictly for their intended purpose and observing all necessary precautions. Negligent treatment can lead to serious injuries not only for you, but for others.

Any person is obliged to carefully read the instructions for using each particular product. If after reading the instructions you have any questions, read the extended information on the manufacturer's website and ask all the questions of interest to the manufacturer's specialists. SILENCER-SALE.COM is not responsible for any injuries or damage you or other players received during the game.

About the goods

The actual parameters of the goods may differ from those presented on the site in a text or graphic description. There are some differences in colors, because It depends on the lot of goods, the level of illumination at which the picture of the product was made, as well as the settings of your monitor. All text descriptions for goods are our personal value judgments (except for measurable and actual parameters, such as dimensions, material of manufacture, completeness) and may not coincide with your opinion about the product.

About Freedoms

You can leave your comments to all products in any form convenient for you. We ask everyone to be correct and to communicate with respect. In this case, the legislation requires us to moderating all the messages posted on the site, so we reserve the right to delete any comments


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